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One (1) volunteer position to be recruited.

This position is best suited to an individual who works efficiently in a fast-paced environment and has excellent communication abilities. The ideal candidate will have an attractive or charming personality and is regularly active on social media. The role requires the individual to work independently with minimal supervision. The position will be filled by a recruited volunteer in another position.


The successful candidate will have the following responsibilities:

  • Interact with social media followers by using Facebook Live to report current race activities on race day. Ultimately, the Social Media Representative will act as a “co-host” for The Amazing Race Edmonton.
  • Compile social media posts regarding current race activities that will include text, photographs, hashtags, people/business/organization tags and/or adding locations during the race.
  • Coordinate with the Race Operations Manager to ensure maximum social media coverage of all race activities during the race.
  • Establish and/or have knowledge of emergency procedures at all locations including race venues. Emergency procedures may be developed by the race venue. An emergency includes but is not limited to local major crises, severe weather events and contestants/staff/special guests succumbing to injury.
  • Bring all necessary supplies as indicated and required by The Amazing Race Edmonton. This includes but is not limited to personal items, mobile devices, medications (prescribed or non-prescribed), food/beverage and/or equipment required for all tasks and/or challenges.
  • Travel safely using a variety of transportation modes to locations and destinations while obeying all applicable laws and bylaws.
  • Attend meetings and workshops as necessary to ensure staff’s direct responsibilities are clearly understood.
  • Preserve confidentiality regarding the race route, locations, destinations, tasks and/or challenges.
  • Act ethically and responsibly while upholding to high morals, standards and values as outlined by The Amazing Race Edmonton.
  • Represent The Amazing Race Edmonton corporate image and brand by respecting fellow staff, contestants, venue staff and/or special guests while adhering to dress code and appearance standards as outlined by The Amazing Race Edmonton.
  • If required, the Social Media Representative may also acquire some responsibilities pertaining to the Race Operations Associate position.
  • Other duties as required and/or assigned.
  • Have fun!

Note, volunteers will not be compensated for their contributions including but not limited to labour, food/beverage, infractions and or costs associated with vehicle operation, vehicle registration, vehicle insurance, fuel and/or parking.

"Race day" is defined as the day The Amazing Race Edmonton is hosted as determined by the Race Operations Group.


The successful candidate will have the following qualifications:

  • Experience in using social media platforms and applications including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, SnapChat and LinkedIn. This includes using hashtags, tagging people/businesses/organizations and adding locations to social media posts.
  • Background in photography and/or videography is considered an asset.
  • Experience in using email software including Roundcube and Edison Mail or similar.
  • Own a personal computer capable of accessing the internet and transmitting emails.
  • Own a mobile device capable of accessing the internet, transmitting phone calls, text messages and emails. A mobile network provider with available data is required.
  • Own a safe operating motor vehicle that is registered and insured in the province of Alberta.
  • Possess a valid motor vehicle operator’s license. In Alberta, a valid motor vehicle operator’s license includes any one of the following: (1) Class 5 License, (2) Class 5 Graduated Driver’s License (Probationary), (3) equivalent license form another country or province/state, or (4) Class 1, 2, 3, 4 or 6 License.
  • Capable of navigating Edmonton and the metropolitan area.
  • Capable of lifting at least fifty (50) pounds unassisted.
  • Strong communication abilities including fluency in the English language (reading, writing and speaking).
  • Certified first-aid and/or CPR training is considered an asset.

Note, potential candidates may have their personal social media accounts evaluated as part of the volunteer application process for the Social Media Representative position.

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