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Maximum five (5) volunteer positions to be recruited.

This position is best suited to an individual who has a high attention to detail and has excellent communication abilities. The ideal candidate will be able to learn their role quickly while identifying and adjusting for uncovered uncertainties in business operations. The role requires the individual to mostly work independently with readily available supervision.


The successful candidate will have the following responsibilities:

  • As an Administration Group Associates the successful candidates may manage/supervise the organization, conduct marketing, assist in technical support, respond to general inquires, assist in accounting activities and assist in social media activities.
  • As a Registration Group Associates the successful candidates may review applications (audition, pre-registration and/or registration), schedule audition interviews, assist in conducting audition interviews, select the final twelve (12) teams who will be racing in The Amazing Race Edmonton and/or inform all applicants of their status in the race application process.
  • As a Sponsors Group Associate the successful candidates may review sponsorship proposals, arrange sponsorship agreements, ensure all organizations and people that work with The Amazing Race Edmonton are satisfied with their experience and/or determine if a sponsor’s role is better suited to be handled by the Race Operations Group.
  • As a Volunteers Group Associate the successful candidate may review applications, schedule interviews, assist in conducting interviews and/or assist in mentoring successful candidates to begin their role in an assigned group.
  • Bring all necessary supplies as indicated and required by The Amazing Race Edmonton. This includes but is not limited to personal items, mobile devices, medications (prescribed or non-prescribed) and/or food/beverage.
  • Travel safely using a variety of transportation modes to locations and destinations while obeying all applicable laws and bylaws.
  • Attend meetings and workshops as necessary to ensure staff’s direct responsibilities are clearly understood.
  • Preserve confidentiality regarding the race route, locations, destinations, tasks and/or challenges.
  • Act ethically and responsibly while upholding to high morals, standards and values as outlined by The Amazing Race Edmonton.
  • Represent The Amazing Race Edmonton corporate image and brand by respecting fellow staff, contestants, venue staff and special guests while adhering to dress code and appearance standards as outlined by The Amazing Race Edmonton.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Note, volunteers will not be compensated for their contributions including but not limited to labour, food/beverage, infractions and or costs associated with vehicle operation, vehicle registration, vehicle insurance, fuel and/or parking.


The successful candidate will have the following qualifications:

  • Experience in using Microsoft Office software including Word, Excel and/or PowerPoint.
  • Experience in using Adobe PDF Reader software or similar.
  • Experience in using email software including Roundcube and Edison Mail or similar.
  • Own a personal computer capable of accessing the internet and transmitting emails.
  • Own a mobile device capable of accessing the internet, transmitting phone calls, text messages and emails. A mobile network provider with available data is required.
  • Strong communication abilities including fluency in the English language (reading, writing and speaking).

Note, successful candidates will be placed into their recruited positions as soon as possible.

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