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The Volunteers Group is responsible for managing the volunteer application process and selecting successful candidates who will represent the staff of The Amazing Race Edmonton.

All inquiries regarding any step in the application process should be addressed to the Volunteers Group via email at


New volunteers who have never represented the staff of The Amazing Race Edmonton will need to complete the following steps to be considered to volunteer.

1. Volunteer Application - Click here to submit an volunteer application for your team. Your resume and responses will be reviewed by the Volunteers Group.

2. Volunteer Interview - Contingent on your resume and responses from the volunteer application, the Volunteers Group will contact you to schedule an interview.

3. Volunteer Authorization - Contingent on the outcome of your interview, all candidates will be notified by the Volunteers Group of the final decision. Successful candidates will receive information regarding their position and responsibilities.


Returning volunteers who have represented the staff of The Amazing Race Edmonton must express their intentions to volunteer for the next race. Please contact your previous supervisor or the Volunteers Group via email at