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The Whitemud Creek is a tributary of the North Saskatchewan River that contains the highest diversity of plants and animals within the City of Edmonton. It is common to see fisherman in the ravine and rafters floating down the creek. The area is also home to Fort Edmonton Park, the John Janzen Nature Centre and the Whitemud Equine Centre.

Whitemud Park is ideal for long weekend picnics and recreational activities:

    Whitemud Park

    13204 Fox Drive NW

    Edmonton, Alberta, Canada   T6H 4P3

Information courtesy the City of Edmonton (2020) and The Edmonton Nature Club (N.D.).


Teams retrieved their next clue from a clue box located underneath the Quesnell Bridge where they encountered the infamous counting Road Block. One team member was tasked with counting the number of stainless steel spheres that comprise the Talus Dome. The Talus Dome is a contentious art feature located next to Whitemud Drive and mimics landforms created by rockfalls in the nearby North Saskatchewan River Valley. Kaitlyn and Brandon of Team Up Dog, who also won the Team Choice Express Pass, were the first to arrive! Team Thunder Face was awarded an Express Pass for most accurately counting the number of stainless steel spheres!

Following the trail system that parallels Whitemud Creek, contestants travelled to the Alfred H. Savage Centre, named after a former high-ranking City of Edmonton employee passionate about Edmonton’s river valley and park areas. Here, teams competed against each other in Ladder Ball, a Face Off challenge sponsored by Kuma Outdoor Gear. In Ladder Ball, the team with the most points after tossing six (6) bolos wins the game. The top, middle and bottom ladder rungs are worth one (1), two (2) and three (3) points, respectively. No points were awarded if the bolo was wrapped around the vertical upright.

Keillor Point, a cliff side river valley viewpoint better known as “The End of the World,” marked the Pit Stop for this leg of the race. This was the original site of Keillor Road which slid into the river in the mid-1990’s. This spectacular viewing area officially opened to Edmontonians on July 17, 2019, only less than a month before race day!

Information courtesy “Alfred H. Savage Centre Opens its Doors” by Trevor Robb of the Edmonton Examiner (November 28, 2012), City of Edmonton (2020) and "Revamped 'End of the World' lookout officially reopens in Edmonton" by Emily Mertz of Global News (July 17, 2019).

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Talus Dome - Comprised of 930 Stainless Steel SpheresTalus Dome - Comprised of 930 Stainless Steel Spheres

Pit Stop - Keillor PointPit Stop - Keillor Point