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Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta was founded in 1875 and established by the North West Mounted Police. The city is one of Alberta’s oldest Euro-Canadian communities originally inhabited by French pioneers. The construction of the Canadian Northern Railway lead to an increase in Fort Saskatchewan’s population and resulted in the introduction of farming enterprises and petrochemical industries. Today, Fort Saskatchewan is known for its intricate river valley park and trail system but also for the famous flock in Finnsheep that graze in Peter T. Ream Historic Park during the summer. Remnants of the original railway can be found in Legacy Park, home to the old station, and Chabot Park, where the piers of the original railway bridge are still standing.

Chabot Park can be accessed via multiple walkways off of 99 Avenue at 88 Street and 90 Street in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, Canada.

Information courtesy City of Fort Saskatchewan (2018), Heritage Resource Management Information System – Government of Alberta (2013) and The Canadian Encyclopedia (2018)


As an ode to the French pioneers of Fort Saskatchewan, the fourth leg of the race began with a Face Off competition of Pétanque (French bocce ball). Contestants from season thirty (30) of “The Amazing Race” encountered this exact same Head-to-Head competition as they raced through France. Team Fire and Ice beat out Team Gold Star Nurses in the final round of Pétanque. Teams then raced to Chabot Park for the last challenge, a Road Block pertaining to the historic Canadian Northern Railway Bridge. Upon completion of the Road Block teams received information that their last clue, which would reveal the location of the Finish Line, was hidden in the “Haunted Forest” at the Strathcona Science Provincial Park. This park was Alberta’s largest archaeological dig site. At this point, the race was anyone’s to win.

Explore this eerie abandoned park with a buddy!

Strathcona Science Provincial Park

10980 17 Street NW

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada   T6S 1E4

Information courtesy Edmonton Heritage Council (2018).

Find the clue cards below to attempt this leg of the race at your own leisure.

Canadian Northern Station at Legacy ParkCanadian Northern Station at Legacy Park

Road Block - Abandoned Railway Bridge at Chabot ParkRoad Block - Abandoned Railway Bridge at Chabot Park

"Haunted Forest" at Strathcona Science Provincial Park"Haunted Forest" at Strathcona Science Provincial Park

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