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"Bellerose River Walk" is a natural area in Sturgeon County that parallels the north shores of the meandering Sturgeon River. The park and trail system connect a series of high income communities and rural properties. In the early days, it was the Sturgeon River that drew fur traders and First Nations up this tributary of the North Saskatchewan River looking for new places to establish settlements such as the City of St. Albert, Alberta. The river was essential to locals during the nineteenth century providing a source of food and transportation.

Today, the river is mainly used as a source of water for the farms and agricultural facilities, including Sturgeon Valley Golf and Country Club, that are located within the Sturgeon River's watershed. Stakeholders are attempting to restore the river to its original glamour as years of improper use have pushed the ecological limits of the Sturgeon River to its brink.

The approximate location of "Bellerose River Walk" is:

    Bellerose River Walk

    54337 Bellerose Drive

    Sturgeon County, Alberta, Canada

Information courtesy "Our River of History" by Kevin Ma of the St. Albert Gazette (May 31, 2017).


The Starting Line of The Amazing Race Edmonton was situated on the banks of the Sturgeon River in "Bellerose River Walk." At the park, teams participated in an opening race challenge that revealed their first destination. 

See the teams' first clue below that they received at the Starting Line.

Starting Line - Bellerose River WalkStarting Line - Bellerose River Walk

Sturgeon River at the Bellerose River WalkSturgeon River at the Bellerose River Walk

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