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For all general inquiries including questions and concerns, contact with The Amazing Race Edmonton via email at

QUESTION: How much does is cost to be a contestant in The Amazing Race Edmonton?

There are three fees all contestants must pay to race in The Amazing Race Edmonton. The non-refundable Pre-Registration Fee ($30.00 CAD per contestant) and non-refundable Registration Fee ($50.00 CAD per contestant) covers race design, administrative and supply costs. This fees will be paid before teams complete each respective application. The Race Fee (approximately $20.00 CAD per contestant) covers costs related to the race design including transportation and admission. This fee will be incurred by teams during the race.

All vehicle operating costs, including fuel and maintenance, are not included in these fees and are the responsibility of the contestant.

The Race Operations Group is responsible for determining these fees which are influenced by the race route, challenges and sponsorship. The next race will not occur until July or August and is currently being designed, hence these fees will not be finalized until the early summer. The Race Operations Group strives to keep the combined registration and race fee less than $100 per contestant. 

Remember, neither of these fees need to be paid unless your team is selected to race in The Amazing Race Edmonton. It is completely free to audition and submit a race declaration.

QUESTION: Why do you need to know my medical conditions, disabilities, allergies and/or dietary restrictions when completing the Pre-Registration and Registration applications?

There are a few reasons why The Amazing Race Edmonton asks its contestants for this information.

Most importantly is if an emergency occurs where a contestant becomes injured during the race. In this situation, the Race Operations Group will work with first responders to ensure they have immediate access to vital information regarding the contestant's health. Furthermore, an associate of the Race Operations Group with first-aid training and/or staff from the venue with first-aid training will likely be the first to arrive before emergency services.

Secondly, to ensure locations visited during the race are accessible to all contestants. Therefore, the Race Operations Group will design the route and challenges to make sure the contestants who have medical conditions, disabilities or allergies can still participate. 

Lastly, a challenge may require contestants to consume certain food or beverage items. Therefore, the Race Operations Group will notify the venue ahead of time to prepare special food items for the contestants who have allergies or dietary restrictions.

The Registration Group and/or Race Operations Group will only use the contestant's health information, including medical conditions and/or disabilities, to gauge whether a medical assessment is required. A contestant will only be considered unfit to race following an assessment from a registered physician. This practice is necessary to legally protect The Amazing Race Edmonton.

All information will remain confidential and only released as necessary with the permission of the contestant.