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The Amazing Race Edmonton hosts an annual one day non-elimination competition similar to the popular television series where twelve teams embark on a race in the city of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Our mission is to showcase Edmonton's diversity in the people and places that comprise Alberta's capital city. Employing an 'Amazing Race' style competition with challenges unique to Edmonton. The race features popular attractions, local businesses and the great citizens that make up this diverse and cultural centre in the heart of the prairies.

The Amazing Race Edmonton coordinates with a variety of local institutions to develop challenges and ultimately the confidential race route. Teams are selected through an audition process and sponsorship in any form is welcome to make the race a success.

Our vision is to bring a greater appreciation for the great city of Edmonton and the surrounding metropolitan region that many people proudly call home. We hope that through our social media presence, fans and followers will embark on their own adventure and explore the extraordinary locations visited by The Amazing Race Edmonton.